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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Improvement

Well, moved to another Guild, and Whammo 1000 percent better. I have been very busy this week, and didnt really log on Sunday... But when i did, I saw opportunities to do some raiding... Monday came around and I was signed up and ready to do 25 man Naxx. In the group of people i saw signed up I kept thinking no way they would include me... They had several non ranged DPS, including a Fury warrior better geared... Well I got in and we downed two bosses and I got two emblems of Valor... and of course the achievement for getting your first one because in Mythos I never got into one of the raids that gives them.
On a side note about Mythos putting in that rating system.... they added some more info...

"We'll be posting some more information on how it really works soon. We will not be using this for 10 man raiding, only 25. Tuesdays are the first day of our 25 man raid nights. Being on and available and ready (and having signed up) on Tuesday and Wednesday by 6pm server time will make sure you get the most EP (Effort Points) you can."

This is better, but it would still whack me good, as I currently can log on on those days...

When a guild has to go to this type of Mod, I wonder what is going on in the background... "Hey GM, this is X, I log in every night, do every raid and then when we roll on items I always lose..." It also stinks of elitism... Ultimately though, a guild master runs and controls his guild and it should exist for his desires.... That is why I didn't bitch too much and just left... Mythos was for someone else, other than me...

Back to Naxx, got Legplates of Double Strikes . They are a slight improvement over Staggering Legplates. I probably should have passed as another DPS player had much inferior gear... I might end up not using the new legplates as the old one gives me better hit. Must learn to talk it up better before the roll.

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