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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Throw us BS'ers a Bone!?

Will Blacksmiths final get some value? Will we finally have people rushing to ask us to do something for them? This gives me hope. Oh and lookie all the new ore and gems!!!!! Must level up and get ready for the push!!!! I want new ore to mine!!!!


Here I am eager to get some work done, and the Realms are down. As soon as they come back up its Grinding for This. Then I will need to farm for primal fires... Need 20!!!!

....No one to say gratz

Last week I decided to get the Burning Rage set plans...  Just got the third piece....  Now I just need the brestplate....  No one from my guild was online for me to "woot" about it...  now to level blacksmithing to 365 so i can make these then max out BS.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Well it has been awhile since i posted... I am now at Level 68. Gahrie has run past me a long time ago and is currently a level 70 with all kinds of goodies.... oh well...

Currently trying to get the plans for the Burning rage set....